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Resident Artist: a new idea of art

When you think about a successful artist you suddenly imagine people who can show their works in exhibition halls and sell them to the best buyer. But what if there are new ways to express creativity in an innovative field?

Resident Artist is the answer to that question.

We envision an environment where art, technology and marketing are linked together to create innovative strategies to grow business for companies and, at the same time, to pursue creativity for artists.

Companies nowadays are in need to find original solutions to catch the attention of the customer. Among thousands of marketing campaigns, only a few stand out and can be defined as really successful. Our solution relies on strategies that involve the help of artistic instincts. Thanks to the NFT technology and the experience in the marketing field, we provide a service that enables artists to use their abilities and creativity to design unique projects for companies.

We believe that art can create an added value to stand out among the competitors. It’s actually a simple concept: today in the marketing field it’s almost required to create art because it’s not only about promoting the single product or service, it’s about inspiring potential customers to believe and actively participate in a specific idea. So, what’s the best way to impress and involve people, if not through art? And, most importantly, who can turn all these ideas into concrete works if not artists themselves?

This is the main reason why we believe that marketing campaigns today can be boosted by the cooperation with artists. Only someone who can express a feeling through images, paints, pictures, sculpture, graphic designs and anything you can think of, can be able to generate a new language to tell your company story.

On the other hand, in our times, art is really underestimated. Thinking about centuries ago, kings and emperors have always commissioned art to express their power and poets, painters and artists of any kind were welcomed to their courts for their positive impact even during trade decisions not directly related to their main activity.

Nowadays art is relegated to the walls of exhibitions and it’s considered an exclusive market only for a specific elite of collectors and enthusiasts. People, though, seek art everyday, and in all of its forms. Everyone needs it to express feelings that they didn’t even know had inside. Just think about the success of the film and the music industries, or the lines in front of the most famous museums and buildings in the world. Art attracts people and people generate art. Creativity can’t be locked in rooms. Art needs nurture, new inspirations and new channels of expression and marketing can be one of them.

Visit our social media profiles to know more about Resident Artist. Get Inspired and define with us a revolutionary mARkeTing model.

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