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ResidentArtist: a new idea for marketing

When you wonder how the beauty of Art could be expressed in a field like marketing, infinite ideas pop up. There are TV commercials shot expertly like a movie or billboards around the streets where graphics and words are mixed together, creating a perfectly balanced message.

Resident Artist wants to make an additional break to this scheme and propose something radically different: what if marketing it’s not only about pre-built graphics? What if the artist itself can tell the story of your company but with a personal form of expression?

We envision a new route for marketing where the presence of someone, who already has the skills to enrich your company with their vision of art, will work by your side to innovate your usual strategies.

I’m sure, at this point, you’re wondering how we can make this happen.

The answer here it's easy for Resident Artist: through the newest tools offered by technological advances.

Technology is always the engine that speeds up all the most innovative discoveries. In this case, we have in mind a specific one: NFT.

The system behind the Non-Fungible Tokens allows artists to widen their field of work, finally breaking the walls of art galleries.

NFTs are one of the keys to our vision since their functions give almost infinite possibilities of involvement for artists in creating unique works easily accessible to everyone everywhere.

Just think about the impact you can generate with an original campaign involving a unique art design and one of the most innovative technologies, creating a brand-new language to tell your story.

Through blockchain technology, we can help you design not just unique artistic representations for your company but also entire campaigns to make sure that you can easily stand out among competitors and, at the same time, preserve your brand identity.

An artist has the competence to promote your project through the language of the soul: something about Resident Artist cares deeply. Today, a business can attract loyal customers if they understand your concept and believe in your ideas. We provide you with a new way to impress them through the perfect recipe of art, technology, and marketing expertise.

The market for NFT is growing, and several experts know that the possible applications are limitless. When you think about it, some crucial characteristics make NFT a perfect environment for investing in art.

But why just collect them?

Why not create the NFT itself specifically for your company with the cooperation of an experienced artist?

Why not build a strategy where you can promote your company through original online and offline campaigns that involve directly NFTs?

At this point, the potentiality of the projects we can build with and for you are only limited by your choice to embrace this mindset. So don’t wait for others to make the first step, be the innovation.

#GetInspired by Resident Artist, and follow us on our social media to know more about our journey to create a new mARkeTing model.

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